Thursday, 1 August 2013


Last Wednesday, 7 of our team members took part of our sponsored walk from Leicester to Market Harborough.

The image shows our route by the canal. We started walking from the University of Leicester campus at 9.30am and we reached the edge of Market Harborough at 9.30pm. It took us 12 hours to walk 22.4 miles!
The sponsored walk raised almost 400 pounds! And we would like to extend a big thank you to all of our sponsors, friends and family that donated!

The walk itself was an adventure. There were uncountable amount of blisters, heat and midday sun, and getting lost at the end of our walk. Nonetheless, we made it to Market Harborough and everybody had a great time!

We also had multiple stops along the way, since we were carrying backpacks of food with lunch and snacks and in addition to that we had a couple of pub stops. The nature and canal itself were beautiful. Just as we were walking into Market Harborough, we witnessed an amazing sunset! And it is all captured on photos.

Furthermore, we were asked by the iGEM team of the Norwich Research Park from University of East Anglia to send in soil samples. Dr. Badge was carrying all the necessary equipment and we have quite a number of samples collected.

Now on to the photo evidence of our 22 mile walk.

              The team (minus Dr. Badge taking the photo) at the beginning of our walk by the canal.

Happy team (somewhere near the 5mile point)!

 A lot of bridges with interesting names along the way.

  Dr. Badge collecting soil samples by the canal.

12 miles and counting! From left to right: Dr. Badge, Dupsy, David, Brett and Clara.

David taking a break from the walk and manning the lock gate.

Arriving into Foxton Locks, our 20 mile marker! The team was so tired that our stop lasted an hour. During which we had a nice pub meal and rest, before continuing on with the last 2,5 miles.

Last few miles left, sky is turning pink.
Walking into Market Harborough, can't conceal the excitment! 

And the official arrival to Market Harborough!
The team from left to right: Clara, David, Quezia, Dr. Badge, Tanvi, Dupsy, Brett, Chris.