Saturday, 25 May 2013


The photoshoot was a great success and the turnout was great! There will also be a press release to accompany the photo in the coming weeks.

In other news, as exams finish the first week on June, we will be visiting our sponsor Jablite / Styropack on the 6th of June. We will have a tour around the production plant and give a presentation about our project. 

Jablite / Styropack are one of top suppliers in Europe in plastics, especially polystyrene. We are happy to have them supporting us again this year, in our continued quest to try and make polystyrene more environmentally friendly, and in the development of our re-purpose stream for flame retardant polystyrene. 

The next team meeting will be held on the coming Wednesday with more exciting things to be organized. Meanwhile, we will be actively working on putting together our team profile, so that the faces behind the UoL iGEM team will finally be revealed.

Don't forget to also check our Facebook page and Twitter feed (@iGEMLeicester) for more updates on everything UoL iGEM!

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