Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Young Synthetic Biologists with the UK iGEM teams

Over the weekend of Friday the 12th of July, some members of the team attended the Young Synthetic Biologists (YSB) conference at the Wellcome Trust and UCL. This provided us with an opportunity to not only represent our university but also interact with members of other iGEM UK teams.

Each team gave a brief presentation about their project and also had posters with extra information. The projects were all very innovative and exciting and some teams even collaborated with each other before the end of the programme.

Of course, people loved our Citizen Science Kits (CSE) and even requested to plant some as far as Dundee!

Furthermore, we were split into groups to attend different workshops. This provided an opportunity for the representatives of different universities to work together as a team to achieve a common objective. Therefore this activity encouraged unity amongst the UK teams.

Finally, the most exciting part of the weekend was getting to meet Randy Rettberg (iGEM president) who gave a very inspiring speech about iGEM, its challenges and benefits and future plans for the competition.

Well, I guess meeting and getting to know each other has led to encouragement and acquisition of new ideas, especially for new teams. Consequently, I believe the UK teams are now primed for the European Jamboree where we actually get to battle it out!

                                              Arrival and setting up of posters.    

                                           Our poster.

                                                Quezia and Dupsy .

                                             Dupsy explaining ideas on how to get funding.

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